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  • Ancillary Health Care Work

    Ancillary Health Care Work

    Ask Canadians “Who provides health care?” and they are most likely to mention doctors and nurses, because their work is so valuable and so visible. But health care could not function, and people would not receive the care they need and deserve, without the vital contributions of Ancillary Workers. Learn more.

  • Environment


    Women's environments are the structural, political, economic, legal, employment, community and household circumstances of their daily lives. Learn more.

  • Evidence about Health and Health Care

    Evidence about Health and Health Care

    Women need to question what is being counted as evidence. Learn more.

  • Gender and Disaster Management

    Gender and Disaster Management

    Women and men, girls and boys may go through the same disaster, but they are likely to experience it differently. Learn more.

  • Gender and Mental Health of Women Health Care Workers

    Gender and Mental Health of Women Health Care Workers

    The mental health of health care workers affects women as individuals, their families, communities and potentially affecting the care they provide. Learn more.

  • Overview of Health Care Reform and 

    Health Care Reform and Women

    How is this a women’s issue and what are the issues for women? Learn more.

  • Home Care

    Home Care

    Home care has become increasingly critical in Canada as health care reforms transfer more and complex care, with related costs away from the public system to the home. The creation of a hidden health care system in the home particularly affects women as the providers and recipients of care. Learn more.

  • Long-term Care

    Long-term Care

    Long-term care typically refers to ongoing care for individuals who can no longer fully care for themselves. Learn more.

  • Maternity Care

    Maternity Care

    One area that frequently gets missed in discussions, despite being so fundamental is the effects of reforms in maternity care. Canada is fortunate to have excellent maternity care providers who ensure women receive safe, supportive and competent care. The fact remains however that the maternity care system is approaching a crisis and women across the country continue to describe a system that fails to meet their needs. Learn more.

  • Primary Health Care

    Primary Health Care

    Reforms to primary health care services across Canada affect women as both the most common users and providers of health care. Debates about primary health care reform often exclude consideration of women’s primary health care needs, specific to their biology and to their daily roles and responsibilities, and how these might be different from the needs of men. Primary health care reform should thus begin with an understanding of what determines and promotes women’s health. Learn more.

  • Principles of Gender-based Analysis 
                of Health Care Reform

    Principles of Gender-based Analysis of Health Care Reform

    Gender-based analysis informs all the work conducted by Women and Health Care Reform. Learn more.

  • Private Health Insurance

    Private Health Insurance

    In Canada, some policy-makers and other powerful interests have aggressively supported the expansion of private health insurance (PHI) to finance health care services under the guise of improving consumer choice, reducing costs to tax-payers and decreasing wait times for health services. Learn more.

  • Privatization


    Privatization is not as a single or simple process, but a philosophy and set of practices which blur the lines between public and private sector ownership and responsibility. Learn more.

  • Quality of Health Care

    Quality of Health Care

    What does quality health care mean to women? What is their experience of quality care? Learn more.

  • Timely Access to Care

    Timely Access to Care

    Wait times in medicine and health care have been the subject of long debate in Canada. But the notion of “wait times” is broad and it is not always clear in media or personal reports who is waiting and what she or he is waiting for. Learn more.

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