Timely Access to Care

Timely Access to Care: Gender Issues
Thursday March 1st, 2007
Travelodge Hotel & Convention Centre Ottawa West
Ottawa, Ontario

On March 1st, 2007 the Women and Health Care Reform Group and the Centres of Excellence for Women's Health, hosted a Workshop, Timely Access to Care: Gender Issues, in Ottawa, Ontario.

This workshop was designed to expand policy debate and analysis on the evolving issue of wait times. It provided an opportunity to broaden the discussion to the concept of "timely access to care" taking into account determinants of health and population health approaches. Through the use of concrete examples, the workshop illustrated how consideration of the unique needs and realities of diverse groups among women and men with particular attention to marginalized groups (i.e. gender-based analysis) adds value to policy, research and program development on wait times and to the broader issue of timely access to care. The workshop also demonstrated how gender based analysis can strengthen health planning and service delivery for governments at all levels.

Approximately 60 distinguished policy researchers and analysts from Health Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada, provincial and regional sectors were invited to attend. Together and in small working groups, the participants explored ideas, challenged assumptions, raised questions about the notions and paradigms of timely access to care in Canada, and investigated the additional dimensions that gender-based analyses bring.

We are fortunate to be able to provide here some of the presentations and hands-on materials used at the Workshop. We encourage you and your organization to continue the discussion about timely access to care and to include gender-based analysis in doing so. Download this introduction (English .doc).



Agenda (English .doc)   
Agenda (French .doc)



Gender-based Analysis and Wait Times: New Questions, New Knowledge
B. Jackson, A. Pederson, M. Boscoe on behalf of the Women and Health Care Reform Group (English .pdf)

Keynote Speakers: Moving From Wait Times to Timely Access to Care


Michael Rachlis
PowerPoint Presentation (English .ppt) (French translation .doc)

Pat Armstrong
Presentation notes (English .doc)

Notes from Q&A after presentations - M. Seeley (English .doc)

Panel Discussion: The Need for Speed?


Too Little, Too Late: Substance Use Services for Women
Lorraine Greaves
PowerPoint Presentation (English .ppt)

Drug Regulation and Women's Health: Sometimes Faster Is Not Always Better
Anne Rochon Ford
PowerPoint Presentation (English .doc)

In The Long Run: Women, Chronic Care and Timely Access
Barbara Clow

Notes from Q&A after Panel - M. Seeley (English .doc)

Concurrent GBA Capacity Building Workshops


Hip & Knee Replacements
Beth Jackson, Ann Pederson
PowerPoint Presentation (English .ppt)

Timely Access to Mental Health
Lorraine Greaves, Nancy Poole, Amy Salmon

Health Services Workplaces
Pat Armstrong, Karen Grant, Kimberley Walker
PowerPoint Presentation (English .ppt)
Workshop materials (English - .pdf) (French - .doc)
Notes from M. Seeley on this workshop (English - .doc)

Timely Access to Care for Aboriginal Peoples
Margaret Haworth-Brockman, Ellisa Johnson, Brigette Krieg
Policy Scenario I (English - .doc) (French - .doc)
Policy Scenario II (English - .pdf) (French - .doc)

Reflections Panel


Notes from Reflections Panel - B. Clow (English .doc)

Evaluation Forms



GBA Checklists


GBA Checklist (English .doc) (French .doc)
GBA Checklist Bureau (English .doc)



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